Art contest submission


(This is my art. MINE. NOT anyone else )

While I will say that NASA and scientific things are things I’m ignorant on extensive knowledge to, ┬ájust a couple of days ago I entered this piece in to an art contest! It was about what others think is beyond or the future of space travel. I find that pretty interesting and a family member of mine did too, so they sent me a link to this art contest and even though it’s over now(began on November 1st and endedon Decemeber 31st at midnight), I like the submissions that were entered(and mine) It shows that creativity exists, from the small children to the older people. A large amount of people submitted their artwork and I’m glad to say that I was one of them.


Nasa Langley Art Contest

(See if you can find my submission.^u^)

12th Grade - 1st Place - Jennifer Deluna



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