Inspired by Alesana

Alesana is a post-hardcore(or metal-core)band that would be a top 10 in my list of bands to see in concert. Each song they make seems carefully crafted and has just the right twists and turns to get someone to imagine what’s happening in the song. ( And read and write a story or poetry of course) I haven’t written a poem in several months by the way, and I’ve never written anything quite like this.

(Both poems are inspired by the songs”The Murderer” and “Hymn For The Shameless”)



The Murderer:

And I must play this  game

“My sweet, sweet little sheep”

Red wine blood stains the floor

My knife is so dull

against the tip of my tongue

But red shall be the color it needs once more

“Let me be your wolf”

The Murderer Part 2:

I am a man of many a name

I struggle just like you

But the difference is

I bite my tongue

 and hurt nothing close to a few










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