Events So Far

Since Christmas and New Years I’ve gone through a lot of things, especially at home. I have always craved adventure, independence, and to be around people who won’t bring me down. Some people that were close to my heart believed that they knew whatwas best for me when it comes to the college that I’ll go to: It saddens me that they’ll never truly believe in my potential. I wish to go to a college in a city for residential benefits, but they believe otherwise. I got accepted there and those people weren’t happy with me about that. Now there is a new rule at home and I’ve been angry about it ever since. They won’t help me pay for college like I thought they would, so now I’m in the process of getting a job, and paying for college by myself(with some scholarships of course). I’d hoped that I would still have trust in the people close to my heart, but now I find that sometimes it’s best to be by myself when it comes to my dreams for a while. It’s also best to be a little bit positive, after all I would’ve got accepted into that college without being positive! 🙂



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