The Artistic Ladder

how-to-draw-skeleton-hands_1_000000022844_5All my life I’ve been told that art isn’t a real career, or that I won’t get far with it. “Why don’t you try another career instead of that one?” or ” You know, you’ll only get more money when you die.” I’ve even doubted myself from time to time, and start to wonder if my art is enough to make it in the professional world, or even receive an award: I start to ask myself the most controversial question, “Am I  really an artist?” When I was young, I was carefree, much like other children, but I always drew pictures in class. In elementary school, there were two twin monsters with wrinkly skin(aka. bullies )that taunted me about my art, and said that I wasn’t that good, and that they could do better.

In high school, during my 3rd year, I had a teacher that graded everyone in the class really hard, especially me.  That whole year I believe that she saw my art as “lacking potential” and she graded it that way as well. I got a 50 on a print of mine, just because the ink wasn’t printed out neatly on the paper. She laughed at my face when I explained to her the reasons why I wasn’t going to a certain art club (that she had administrated) at my school.

On the flip side, I’ve been told that I have a “gift” in drawing and writing things, and that my personality is bound to get me into something big in the art world. I feel I’m in some sort of heavenly, peaceful bubble when I draw. I tell myself that that’s not the work of someone else’s hands, but mine, and that I’ve created something interesting. I’ve been told that my art and writings are “weird” or “Obscene”, but I really do like it that way. I love drawing, writing, or doing anything dealing with art, and I aim to have a career in that wonderful interest of mine.

Some teachers of mine really helped me see my potential.  My middle school teacher was..(lets call her) Mrs. C. She was a stubby, short lady with beautiful read, short cut hair.  She always wore large dresses, and had green eyes that reminded me of blades of grass. Her voice was quiet, but filled with wisdom and guidance when she talked, even though she was 33. She made the class look at themselves in the mirror to see the human body, and stand up and move around with partners to figure out how to draw something. It was quite fun, and it made me less nervous, considering I was the new kid there.

Mrs. C made the whole class seem less boring, and what made it even better was that most of the class time was spent outside.  On top of all this, when I had signed up to go to an art high school miles away because my family and I were moving, she’d sent a detailed letter of recommendation describing me to the art program at the school. One thing that baffled me, was when she wrote that I showed no hesitation or fear of failure in my artwork. ( I didn’t get into the school, but her letter  made me think that maybe I didn’t need a fancy art school to have evidence that I was really good at art in the future)

Another teacher of mine, who I’ve had during my 1st, 2nd, and this year of high school  is..(lets call him) Mr. W. He’s of average height, and doesn’t have very much head hair, but has a beard that reminds me of an old man, with a lot to say. He truly does have a large amount of things to say(especially when he explains the lesson plan for the day), but he’s very sarcastic and fun. He makes a lot of jokes about his beard and the lesson plan.

Mr. W seems to have this aura of fun around him, and he has blue eyes, that look like they were painted on him in detail.  All my high school years have been fun with him, and I could spend hours in his room learning what he teaches. When I applied to a college, he sent me a paper written\typed version of what he thought of me, and what I’d bring to that college program.It amazed me when he wrote, ‘I believe that her creativity and conceptual ability would be an inspiration to others. ‘

Overall, even though I’ve been through a lot of blocks in the road, and had some doubts,  I still draw, and have people in my life that have made a difference to me. They remind me that even though I have my doubts, I can keep going and achieve my dreams of being an artist.

(Images are not mine)(All things in quotations are things really said/written)








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