Opinion on Valentines day

Valentine’s day may be a great time for the celebration for how much you love someone, but I believe it truly is just a time for massive consumers to just..get things because they can. While it is nice to get something for a sweet heart or someone who’s significant in life, it still costs a large amount of money to get those things. (It’s expected to hit nineteen point seven billion this year in the US) On top of that, sometimes people get irrationally irritated if you don’t get them anything for that day.

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On the subject of getting irrationally irritated, today( which is Valentine’s day) I brought some cookies, and I was planning on giving to my teachers. Now, my school teachers are actually significant in my life.  I appreciate their input in my school work, and they have made my school year great so far. A classmate of mine asked me if they could have one, and I politely said no. I’m assuming since I said no, the sky darkened, and the earth began to crack for them. They were very upset at me, and said something pretty unnecessary. They did all of that, just because they wanted a cookie. Clearly something is wrong here, and it’s not just the sprinkles on top of the cookies that tasted like rubber, after I tasted them later on in the day.

Many people don’t even know why we celebrate Valentine’s day, or any other holiday. (That’s very sad)I don’t know  much about the history, but I’ve done some research on the holiday before. I know that the whole thing, started as a execution party of several people that were named Valentine/ St. Valentine. It was also a Roman festival, and possibly taken from a pagan holiday. (( Good website to find that sort of information on ))

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Yes, I do wish that it was just another Halloween, because (spooky kid here :P)  it’s my favorite holiday, but I have a soft spot for the Valentine’s Day, even though I believe it’s just for consuming. I for one, love the large dolls that are usually in the front of stores where I live, and discounts on certain store brought items after that day. I love making hand made cards for people, and the look of happiness that people get when they figure out that someone, somewhere thought of them on that day.

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