Art From The All County Art Festival

(Art work displayed is mine)

Even though I had fun, something really bugged me. One of my artworks were taken off, (it was deemed as “Too disturbing”)and the display behind mine had all but one taken off. I guess whoever judged the artworks wanted for them to appeal to everyone, and not have obscene art displayed. It shouldn’t be a big deal to me, but it is. It annoys me very much, because I wasn’t told that that one picture was too much for the festival; I bet that the guy that put up his display behind mine didn’t know either. All of the artwork with naked curvy women in it were taken away from the display further away from mine, but the skinny women paintings stayed. I’m not sure who judges the art, but I do believe that appealing to “Soccer mom’s” or “The schools reputation” is not the way to go. It’s still taking away someone’s self  expression, no matter how many works are taken away. It makes me very irritated. People need to know that there is so much more than pretty butterflies and bright colors in this world. Not all artwork can or will appeal to everyone! I wish there was at least a section for artwork that’s “obscene” or “not appealing to normal people’s standards”, so that even those artworks can be put up as well.

In the art world, or so far in my world of art, people always assume I need mental help or that I’m going through something, if I draw something they don’t like (Example: Skulls, knives with blood, scary, “goth” stuff).

On the bright side, I got to see other people’s artwork, and some of them looked like pictures, or like something that should be put in a museum, instead of on display at an art festival. 🙂



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