Paris/Normandy Trip

paris/normandy trip


I just went on an 11 day trip to Paris and Normandy. I’ve wanted to go there since I was young, so I was extremely excited to go. *A large amount of people may say this, but yes, traveling is very eye-opening, and you learn to appreciate the things that you have back at home.* I traveled with a group of people, but the next time I get to travel, I won’t make that mistake again; They mostly went to McDonalds, and walked way too fast for me to keep up. There was no AC in many places that we went to, and the hotel that was booked for us was really close to the city, so…no sleep for me, sadly.

Other than that, I got to see so many tourist attractions.(There’s much more than the Eiffel tower people) The one place that really made me wish I could spend more time there was the artists square. (It was what I really thought  of when I thought about Paris. Both nature and old looking architecture coming together into a wonderful combination that one could stare at for hours.)There were so many artists in the street that painted some wonderful things, and I even got a painting of myself!

I also got to eat wonderful food, but if I could eat macaroons and ice-cream all day, I would, because those 2 things hit the spot at the end of the day. I even ate squid, snail, and mussels.

During the last half of the trip, we went to Normandy. I learned about World War 2, and about how deeply it affected France. Hitler even used P.O.W(Prisoners Of War) and children who were trained as soldiers since they were young to dismantle bombs, and fight in the war. He brainwashed hundreds of people. (I should know that, but I didn’t)

Overall if I could go to Paris or Normandy again, I would by myself, or with a  really good friend. It was very fun, and I hope I can go again someday 🙂